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jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", feature-rich JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. JQuery is the most promising cross-browser and object-oriented JavaScript library. Navigating through documents ,creating animations, selecting DOM element and much more is made very easy using JQuery. Flourishsoft can help you leverage the benefits of jQuery with our knowledge and expertise. JQuery is used by a huge number of websites globally and is presently one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries in use these days. Licensed under MIT license, JQuery is a free and open source software. JQuery can also be used with unified and HTML5 based user interface system to build popular mobile device platforms. The flexibility and lightweight codes are used extremely effectively and nicely by our programmers to develop not only stable and strong JQuery and JQuery UI foundation. They also use JQuery table and customise them to display and manage as well as sort data with minimal effort. They also use JQuery tables and JQuery modal themes and customise the uniform look and feel of webpages or websites across all platforms. They also make sure that applications and other web elements are properly integrated with the web pages and applications. Our talented programmers and developers use JQuery and other softwares to develop the most effective and business or need-focussed applications. jQuery includes providing rich effects in UI widgets and plugins and has proved to be a strong contributor in the implementation of ajax applications. Flourishsoft constantly pursues cutting edge technology that will further enhance the services and features we provide, and jQuery has been one such technology that has helped us. Delivering lightweight and perfectly designed jQueries has always been our targeted motive.

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