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mysqldatabasemaintenance mysql database maintenance
MySQL Database Maintenance

MySQL is a very popular, open source database. mySql is the databse program most commonly used to develop datbase-driven PHP web sites. MySQL is a relational database often used to store data for web sites working in conjunction with PHP. Relational means that different tables of the database can be cross referenced to one another. SQL stands for "Structured Query Language" which is the standard language used to interact with databases. MySQL was built using the SQL base and released as an open source database system.

My Sql is a fast, efficient progam that is availble for use on unix and windows computers. MySQL is suitable for small to medium-sized projects and requires very few systems resources to run. Mysql is also an open source product, which means you can use it free of charge. Althougn MySQl is very powerful, it is relatively easy to install and mange.

Why are we using MySQL?

  1. Free(Much cheaper than oracle!)
  2. Anyone can install MySQL locally
  3. Easy to use for crating tables, querying tables, etc.
  4. easy ti use eith java JDBC

How does MySQL work?

MySQL is a database server program and as such is installed on one machine, but can 'serve' the database to a variety of locations. The MySQL Server is installed on a Server and can be accessed directly via various client interfaces, which send SQL statements to the server and then display the results to a user. Some of these are:

  • A Local Client - a program on the same machine as the server. An example of this is the command line MySQL client software we will be using in the rest of the MySQL workshops (although there are other programs including graphical interfaces).
  • A Scripting Language - can pass SQL queries to the server and display the result.
  • A Remote Client - a programme on a different machine that can connect to the server and run SQL statements.

Our remote DBA services includes:

  1. Database design and development
  2. Installation/Upgrade/Migration
  3. Proactive database monitoring, notification, reporting and resolution
  4. Performance tuning
  5. Regular database maintenance
  6. Rapid detection, analysis and correction of issues
  7. Other operational tasks