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Develop an application having stretching performance and efficiency using a reliable software platform called Node.js. It designs networking applications comprising ability to bear an increasing amount of workload, in a sustainable manner. Application handling numerous client applications correspondingly avoiding RAM boundaries can be built easily using Node.js, a JavaScript platform..


Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side. Historically, JavaScript was used primarily for client-side scripting, in which scripts written in JavaScript are embedded in a webpage's HTML, to be run client-side by a JavaScript engine in the user's web browser. Node.js enables JavaScript to be used for server-side scripting, and runs scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user's web browser. Node.JS is extremely robust in handling dynamic and large database related applications and with globalization; no application is expected to carry or target a small audience. Carrying this thought to the right, we have expanded our wings by entering into complete Node.JS development and solution services


Node JS application is a new approach that requires the use of backend applications which are very fast, scalable and easy to deploy & maintain.All major companies have started to transfer their applications to Node.js and others are building applications from scratch. It is also cost effective because it is seen that Node.js development services is inexpensive to test and deploy using Pay as You Grow services.

  • Minimum Resources Required
  • Real Time Web Applications
  • Development as per Requirement
  • Rise In Productivity
  • Good With Sync Issues
  • Better Performance

Our Node.js Services :

  1. Real Time Chat Application
  2. Web API's
  3. Heavy Load Web Application
  4. Custom Application Development
  5. Portal Development
  6. Interactive Application Development
  7. Content Management Tools
  8. AJAX Development
  9. Real Time Statistics