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social media integration
Social Media Integration

Social media is a key component of a marketing strategy. For many businesses social media is integrated in their marketing campaigns but many miss out to show up their business website. It is important to manage your website and social media together to promote online.

Social media integration is nothing but integrating all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. with your website. This helps the visitors of your site to follow your brand in any or all those social media sites just by clicking on the link. It also allows users to social login; this can help you in increasing conversions. Your presence on the Social media nrtworks affects Google’s hit list and that is a very good reason to appear in social media. There are several aspects. Above all, it creates platforms for meetings, which in turn helps you reach out to a wider audience. You’ll have direct contact with both existing and potential customers. Your participation in social media provides the opportunity to build and strengthen your brand.

Social login help visitors to sign up or login with their social media profiles, thus shortening the registration process. Many people prefer to login to a site with social login, since the process of providing a mail id and creating a new account is time taking process.

Benefits of Social media integration:

  1. It keeps your customers informed about promotions, events, and discounts related to your business.
  2. It allows visitors of your website to engage with your brand.
  3. It helps you in reaching new customers when people like or share your brand or business. Thus creating brand awareness in social platforms.
  4. It also helps your Search Engine Optimization.s
  5. It expands your business network through instant promotions across wide range of audience.
  6. It brings the trustworthiness for new customers when their friend or a trusted person likes your brand or product.
  7. Proper usage of social media can increase your sales drastically by improving brand visibility and awareness.
  8. It can help you in understanding user’s behaviour and monitor the views, impressions, reach, and conversion rate from various social media channels.